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12 hours ago, nvrmre said:

can i get a defintive answert from the Owner?



I would also like to know your policy on backdoor

is it allowed or not?

It is banable. How should the player know the game is over? I have seen countless games where all raxes where killed and the team that looked like it would loose just won.

Please read up our guidelines here:


Everything not listed there is not banable.


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thought I'd chime in :D


I pretty much try to be as rule abiding as possible... correct me if I'm wrong though:

   - nowhere in the guidelines does it say anything about being banned for leaving a game at any point

On 2/22/2018 at 4:59 PM, nvrmre said:

because i was under the impression that autoban works only on leavers who left 5 min or prior to end

and also what he/she said @GriefCode

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