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HI, all

My reason to creat this POst is to learn. cause in 2 years of dota and infinit number of Patch i never had seen player playing bara charging ppl without vision.
Some Crywolf budds tell me to watch replay before say anything.... i already watched 2 times in my PoV and his PoV and either ways seems legit is movement.

Ban report : https://ohsystem.net/sharedStats/report/view/1487/

"nearly end of game this retard colour player crywolf makes this. 

min: 43:08. after i get out of ward vision he breaks my linken on fog with charge.... ahahhahaahh 
all raise Hands and CLAP CLAP and CLAP for this garbage...  100% maphack.

Its like trash gyro said ingame before, "its 2018, who doesnt Mh" well i never did, may be normal on this OhS Group.
Kiss and HUgs "

He can actuallly not Mh because some ppl have knowledge how it works (cant ckick units with Mh), sorry if i dont know how to maphack software works i never played with it or other addictional program. Cause is Obvious he is using something external to game.

IM asking, how can i play Bara and charge ppl in fog like @crywolf did. its cool to learn soemthing new once in while.

I ended to get banned cause i called him garbage/ trash in this ban report post. Seems legit.... u can play with external software but u cant call trash to low players using that :D 


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u only take 2 min to watch. in only at MIn 43:07 to 43:10. Because seems bara has an addition power booster in this patch and i didnt know.

just want to know how its possible. 5th spell? a secret hotkey? :D ahahhaha

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Storm pls .. he breaks my linken AFTER i cross ward vision, actually 1 second later... lol he didnt tryed if u see replay and press stop u see he only face me before i cross ward not during the cross


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i think im not blind @CryWolf. U ONLY CHARGE ME AFTER. i ll repeat again AFTER  WARD VISION, 2 second before u had NO VISION FOR ME U CHARGE ME. u stop see me on ward at 43:07 and u cahrge me at 43:09. Its funny cause ur cahrge have 2 sec dealay or linken has 2 sec  trigger delay....:D:D:D:D 

gettng more and more fun to watch u trying to justify ur unfair gameplay. u post a pic 4 sec before ur charge action.  :D  

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@FatmanKROUM.... ahhhh now LInken breaks 2sec before he charge me....... ok..... ahahahahahahahah man if staff doesnt want ban him cause is a friend, donate or other reason is soemthing... now pls... stop defending the defenseless.

he totally charged me in fog before had vision of me and end point. 

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Man u trying to say me he has 2 seconds charge/or linken delay. So i ll explain something  to u.

When bara start charge he Face the target and lift a bit, well... until he charge me, he  was mid after fight. NOw enough said.  Tell me exact time he TURNS face me and start cast. and where i was.... cause When he face me and cast i WAS in fog and in that EXACT time Linken breaks.... stop making excusses for this cheater kid. Pathetic as fuck.


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Hey, its you boi EmBeRboi


so i was just browsing and stuff and noticed that we have some autism going on here.

First of all i'd like to say that u cant use skills that need a target in fog. (even with mh) For example bara's charge or svens stun


2nd of all i think you have going full autismMode as sometimes u do tchim. Animation of linkens activation and actually dodging a spell is not the same. It happens few secs after that. Prolly thats why u got it messed up or somthing. 

The easist way to see when the linkens acutally goes off is the click mirana and watch his passives. (at the bottom) and see when linkens goes off. And it denffelty goes off b4 mirana enters fog.



Your lover. EmBeRboi


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17 minutes ago, TCHIM said:

hi amber. good to see u again...ty for video... =) 


Sup, Np for the video hope it solved this case

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Guest Graou

Cry getting reported for maphack probably means it's time for me to stop any video games.


Edit : report bambi god sephvroth for it next time as well please

Edited by Graou

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