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The worse player

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Game Link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/90175


Player: boomboomkid





1) Intentionally feed : he even told furion that he is top so he can feed, he purposely feed so many times

2) Game ruin: he even bought gem and purposely die so enemy can get the gem and kill us

3) Swearing all game: see his chat, he swear so badly

4) He even said he gonna change IP to avoid ban, i am not sure how admin can deal with the players like this? Changing ip to avoid ban, and keep ruin again



In my opinion, he is one of the worse player i have seen for a long time. This player should deserve a very long ban and not sure how to block him to change IP


Many thanks


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That is what you get for playing the way you did , you went mid and did nothing , I as huskar had to buy sentries/obs , defend towers against pushers while you were walking through  the map trying to get a kill with your noob bone , and you pissed me off , you never had a tp to help , you bought zero sentries/dust against at least 2 enemies with lothar , you played for kills and selfish , so I decided that you were a bitch and ruined the game as you did as well for the team with your retarded noob gameplay , and if there is any bad player here , that's for sure you. I don't care to get a ban , I'd probably dodge or maybe not , but for sure if I meet you again ingame and you play like that , I'd do exactly same as you saw there. Regards.

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