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Maphacker - dvisionblows

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Game-link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/97688
Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: 4: yellow   (legion commander)
Time occured: all game 
Details(optional):  min 10:14 seconds (blink in fog+ulti on slark)  

                                     min 20:28 second skill on full hp lina while tiny in lothar preparing to engage + insta dmg return

                                     min 22:08 insta avatar on ww engage

                                     min 24:22 insta avatar on shadow stun from nessaj

                                     min  31:31 first skill on low hp ww tiny




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U defently should've looked at the replay b4 u replay since the 10:14  22:08 24:22 are not mh.


But there are some scenes that would indicate that this guy is mher. First of all he is pretty bad. 


at 12:00 (replay time) he starts to panic for no reason. (huskar in fog) even tho he had taken few creep waves alrdy without doing so. He uses heal on himself like he knew huskar were near. 

14:16 jumps at slark, wihtout vision in a odd/stupid place where there were no chances he'd run (even tho he did.)

20:28 is pretty much mh in my book. Since its better to cast heal after tiny engages than b4 lmao

29:00 uses W on weaver when even tho there were no vision. (why would u use W on invi slark lmao) 

31:31 not that hard to hit, but more evidence to add



95% chance this guy is mher. 


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