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Hello there, does any one know how to work with website, I am hosting legion td with ELO, scores but I would like to make it show on my website that I am working with. Here is my website http://playwarcraft.tk/

I would like to add 

1) Highest ELO = this shows players with highest ELO 

2) Most Wins = this shows players with most wins

3) Most Games= this shows players that played most games

4) I would also like to add Games = that will show games that have been played

5) Current games = this shows live players inside the games

6) Admin = show admins 

7) Bans = show player name , time , date and reason for ban

if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it 

here is an example of something similar I would like 😉https://entgaming.net/openstats/ 

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Currently our ohstatsv2 website is under development and is open source available:


You can search simply for openstats on google and will find a repository containing the same website as ent does have. But beware, they have a modified version and yoh moat likely need to adjust some stuff. It is also kinde old.


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9 hours ago, khan said:

do you know how I can download Dota openstats 2.0, I tried to look for this but cant find it




 DotA OpenStats 2.0


Afaik, there is no dota openstats 2.0? Except it is the version of the old one, just google for it, you might find it.

To install, you need to:

  1. Download source
  2. Run composer install
  3. Configure the environment variables
  4. Install submodules for the source
  5. Install nodejs dependencies within the ohslive folder
  6. Install a certificate for the nodejs application
  7. Run the nodejs application in an production environment
  8. Install griefhost, this repo can be also found on that repository server
  9. Install submodule
  10. Install nodejs dependencies for the ohsclient
  11. Run the nodejs application in an production environment
  12. Configure the bot
  13. Run the bot

I will not provide details for the steps as I do not have the time to explain each single stuff.
Once i finished the overall wrapper of the page, i will create a tutorial.


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