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VK Abuse Kontrash and AlienMU

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You played like the last trash, and you ask why we votekicked you. Why did not you write the nick you played with?  You played solo whole game, 0 help to team, only farming and  feeding from the start. You had travel boots and power threads both!!!!!!!!!!! 0 items for that time in a game. Your 3 kills were steals.  No calling miss from you, no help in teamfigths, total lane fail and comming only when there is low hp enemy to steal those miserable 3 kills. It would be ok if you are just a normal noob player, a beginner who is just learning to play. But a normal begginer will listen to other players what to do  and play a team game. You are a noob, but a noob trash kind of a player. You dont deserve this topic even. Btw, when you left us, we reversed the game and won 3 vs 5. Naix and me (uncle ogre) won the game.

💋 from uncle KonTrash

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