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BURIZA VK abuser and mid lane roll rule no respect

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Game-link:  https://ohs.app/index.php/game/169137
Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: 9 Buriza
Time occured: Start of game mid lane did not respect Roll rule and start trash talk during game and try Vote-Kick  me without reason after ruined my mid farm.
Details(optional): than him and Teleconny(player 10) and Dosis (player 12) try to VK me  (they are mates) and refuse help me in fights (Dosis even declare he don't like me thats why no help)

Edited by Gogu

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You can either use that or do a ban req in forum under 'ban req' section. We dont ignore ban request just because they did not use the forum report system. Fyi

Edited by AyyLmao

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Hi @Gogu

I will take a look tomorrow after school. (Can’t at the moment, because I’m on my phone) This time it‘s okay, next time use the Ban Report section. 



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