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unjustified ban

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Hey guys,

i got banned in that game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/106598

Reason: insult    ACC: JuggaWithDagger; Reported by slark player.

with this chatlog: https://ohs.app/index.php/game/169048

I really cant find any reason to ban me for insulting.  I mean IN EVERY GAME ppl said more harsh words than i did in this.

I only said: "i cant stand this noobshit anylonger" if u ban for this u need ban THE COMPLETE PLAYERBASE OF OHS

In my opinion its not justified to set ban here. Even though it's clueless and fitting to to reporters gameplay to write a banappeal... w/e i needed say this:) My ban might be over b4 anyone reads it but the principe u ban ppl for that is riduculous!

Or is this legit @GriefCode?




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First, and this applies to everyone, stop tagging Grief in things like this. Second, it looks like you are banned for votekick abuse and not flame, despite what is written. @DLR can confirm. 

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Generally speaking, do not do anything that is intended to harm your teammates and the game. Obvious examples like destroying/taking your teammate’s items, giving away your teammates’ position, abusing shared control or feeding the enemy intentionally. If you feel someone is ruining the game, you are free to use the command !votekick player. Abuse of this command will result in a ban.


239350   JuggaWithDaggeR !votekick dom
1135100   JuggaWithDaggeR we can win
1137800   JuggaWithDaggeR fi we kick slark


2.0 Flaming and Trashtalking

It is understandable that there will be times where you will feel frustrated because a player is not playing the way you want them to play like. It is okay to be angry but it is okay not to threaten someone with death threats, insults, and etc.

To ensure you do not get banned for this, the best thing to do is try hold the anger back. If you are a victim of someone who is flaming you, you may wish to use the command !ignore playername (if this exists, we can put this here) but IT IS ALWAYS NEVER A GOOD IDEA to flame back as not only it will disrupt the gameplay, but also makes you responsible.

Do not spam lobby or game chat by repeatedly posting the same thing over and over again in a matter of seconds or post phishing/inappropriate sites.


323450   JuggaWithDaggeR JUMB U FAT KIDSHIT
343750   JuggaWithDaggeR i cant stand this noobshit anylonger


Stop complaining , wait a few more hours for unban and show me that i am wrong by playing game's without breaking the rules !

Have a nice day !







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okay thanks for listing it - a bit more detailed than u did in the banrequest :) I might have understood now. i wont vk anymore although that will cost me a lot of wins :/ I also wont flame anymore little kids who cant stand internet flame without reporting it (to mum). I gonna start make use of !ignore-comand :)
Yes Ember, i might have dodged if i think my ban is unjustified :D

ah ye and last but not least i wont tag @GriefCode anymore :)

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