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Game: https://ohs.app/index.php/game/169702

Ban Date: 14/09/2018

Cause of ban:  VK Abuse

Your Plea: First of all id also request unban for this innocent person in game [email protected]asia.battle.net

Now to explain, this admin player named DLR illegally used !ban command on me and NeedTower without any warnings. Therefore there is no reason that dick could ban people after vk expired. It was in that moment in game when i started to votekick pink, when he started to gameruin with 0-10when he started to divie intro enemy alone. Also thats not all DLR also gameruined when he was going to take kills alone after trying to save trash pink and i just stood in base and watched how he cannot kick him and leted him die so thats where when Venge said !yes and banned both of us.



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without any warnings:


i saw that replay in fast mode and didnt notice any dives from him vs enemy team so give me time stamps for that.
bad stats isnt valid reason to use vk. image.thumb.png.8e7b2f6dd3f7994a01c47fcb12a9d189.png

right now rejected.

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Asking with one "Why" is an warning to get banned for votekick Wow. I votekicked Player beacuse he was internation feeder in bad way. In fact he was dying after respawning, trying to get kill like he thinks he can 1v5 or help somone who is already dead

Solo 1v2 04:40 - After he died he teleported to tower while begin attacked by creeps,axe and riki and then he died again

Solo 1v3 13:25 -  He died again after teleporting

In next situation i start 2 votekicks.

26:20 - He respawns and I have no idea what is he tried to acomplish, he dies

28:00 - He tries to help dead teamates after teleportation 

Votekick ends with succesful 4 death in 2(5) minutes


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